Beauty and the Balls: ARTrepreneur Guest Blog by Elyssa Brette Mactas

As I sit here writing this article between meetings in my sun-drenched Midtown office, with an actual desk and fully stacked team, prepping to launch beta of our first product, schmancy dress hanging to my right for the second event of the weekend happening later tonight, continuing to exploit a run-on sentence, I reflect…how the hell did I get here?

The simple answer? Balls. (You know the kind.)

But, let’s backtrack from the balls for a second, shall we? Almost nine months ago to the day, I wrote an article for this very blog. (Yes, I, too just made the pregnancy connection. Balls and birthing. We’re off to a great start here.)

If you read my first post, you already know how I feel about connecting in the modern world – the online, push notification, AI algorithm way of operating is not exactly my jam – but after launching and running my own company as a one-woman operation from my couch into the winter of this past year, it became more and more obvious to me how beneficial a partnership could be for my business.

So, naturally, I began to reach out to badass artistic ladybosses. There aren’t many of us – but I thought, who better to connect with in person and see how we can help each other?

Enter the ladyboss coffee dates. They were fun! Met some really wonderful, brilliant people. But none of the kickass women I met had businesses that meshed in just the right way with mine. All in all, made some new friends, and continued to network.

So, a few months ago, I went to an industry networking event and brought one of my new ladyboss friends as my plus one. While there, we run into her buddy from college. Turns out…this guy and I have a LOT in common. Possibly the most I’ve had in common with any stranger I’ve met in my life. (And he’s a dude!)

Also turns out, this “dude” has been doing R & D (that’s Research & Development for you non-biz folks…I’m learning acronyms on the regular these days) for FIVE YEARS on a company using technology to help actors in the entertainment industry. Hmm…interesting…because that’s precisely what I had been trying to do all by my lonesome. From my couch. In the winter… We’ve covered this.

AHsquareimageOne brunch, a few meetings, and a whole lot of idea babies later, I’ve been acquired onto an amazing team of 7 at Castmate, Inc. We launch AUDITION HERO beta this week. You can sign up to be part of it HERE! Booking audition services just got supercharged! It’s about to be as easy to schedule a self-tape video session as it is to order in pizza… Oh, did I mention? I’M THE ONLY WOMAN on the team. So those “balls” I keep referring to? Not theirs. Mine. The beauties? These six men are some of the most brilliant, beautiful souls I’ve ever met or worked with in my life.

It’s simply amazing what can happen in nine months. I don’t need to tell you that. But want my advice on how to meet the right person(s) to take your career to the next level? Get off the couch and grow some balls. It’s a beautiful thing.

Elyssa Brette Mactas
Co-Founder / VP of Managed Services
Castmate, Inc.

Headshot by Ted Ely

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