Restoring Some Soul in SOULcial Media–Guest Blog by Tara Tagliaferro

It goes without saying that we live in age where smart phones have become our third arms, capturing our everyday experiences is considered normal, and FOMO drives us to sign onto our social media apps countless times a day.  Sometimes we’re half awake when we start, maybe even on the toilet, or out to eat, distracting ourselves from the actual human beings we are with.  It is indeed amazing how social media has changed the world by bringing people and communities closer together, but too much of anything can be damaging.  And as someone guilty of a social media sweet tooth, I’m calling out the cavities and unhealthy habits.


I discovered I’ve got to love social media the same way I love a happy hour.  One or two cocktails usually do the trick, but anything more than that doesn’t sit well in my system.  Its the same for social media.  If I’m on there for too long staring at a screen, my mind gets drunk, draws blanks, and sometimes even feels poisoned.  Additional side effects include compare despair, falling down time wasting rabbit holes, and scrolling and skimming so fast that I become desensitized.  It’s now all of a sudden a tool that disconnects me from myself.

Social media becomes this slippery slope when we show up without intention or a watch on our wrist.  BUT when we choose to show up from a space of inspiration and support, serving our community, sharing our gifts, or speaking our truth all in mindful moderation, it can actually be pretty darn good for the soul.  Soon it’s no longer a substitute for connection and self expression, but rather an innovative extension.  

To heal any social media imbalances and/or addictions you may be experiencing, here’s a few energy redirections to restore that soul!


People want to be seen and witnessed, not scrolled through.  So if you log on in the same head space as walking into an intimate brunch setting with your besties (no trolls or bullies allowed), it can instantly change the game and energetic connection. You will be nudged to go beyond emojis and “like/love buttons” and really pause with specific people, genuinely chilling together as if you are sipping some mimosas.

Soul Q for Self: Who do I want to catch up and hang with today?

**Be selective and trust a smaller number (or one FB group) is more; you don’t want your brunch to get too rowdy 😉 


To piggy back off the brunch visualization, imagine your news feed as the energetic equivalent to being trapped in a virtual Times Square.  I don’t know about you, but I can only subject myself to the real Times Square once a day TOPS and usually only if I know where I’m going.  When I’m not quite ready for all that noise and visual stimulation, I put my on headphones and tune into me.  Give yourself permission to do the same on social media, signing on with a compass, protecting your own energetic state to avoid triggers, and only taking off those earmuffs when you are ready for it.

Soul Q for Self: Where’s my mood and energy at today?  Will social media serve or not serve where I’m at?  


Give yourself social media time blocks and limits with intentions, so you are not wasted at boozy brunch all day, overstaying your welcome and overwhelming your system.  Find your “just enough” aka social media weight watchers.  

Soul Q’s to Moderate:  

  • What is my time window like today?
  • What is my video watching max?
  • How about my article reading max?
  • How do I desire to use my voice or share today?

Specificity and time management is key.


To continue grounding and restoring your soul in your social media experience, here’s a last round of questions to ponder and keep it real and rock on.

Before posting:

  • Does this post share something of value or something I love and care about?
  • Or am I clearly and responsibly asking for the support I seek?
  • What do I want this post to make others feel?
  • Would I say this to someone in a face to face conversation?
  • Does this post alienate anyone in my audience?
  • Does this post paint an accurate and authentic picture of myself and my experience?

Before and while browsing:

  • Am I skimming or really sinking in and engaging? 
  • Am I making assumptions about people based off their posts?  CALL IT OUT.
  • Am I comparing myself to others or internally punishing myself based off other’s successes?

(If yes, sign off, unplug, and go do something for you).

  • Have I formed sentences and connected with real live human beings today?

If you answered “no” to the last question, PUT DOWN THE PHONE OR X OUT OF THIS SCREEN RIGHT NOW.   🙂

When social media becomes “soulful” media, we don’t buy into the illusions of fancy filters or doing things for likes.  We instead create a space to deepen our relationships, communication skills, and serve what we stand for.   Its all in the intention.



Tara Tagliaferro is a theatre gypsy, certified life and song coach, and lover and creator of intimate sisterhood and community.  Globetrotting around the world performing on Broadway International/National Tours and more, she is a seasoned AEA stage actor with a knack for the Golden Age and musical comedy.  Off stage, Tara is the creator of the Gypsyhood, hosting rejuvenating sister circle experiences, as well as co-creator of the BYOSong Community for actors to wine and shine in a safe atmosphere.  For more: ,, @taratagtickles 


Photography by: Sarah Hooker Photography

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